Alli & Damon Engagement Session – Atlantic Beach, Fl

Alli and Damon are just the sweetest clients! They booked with me last year, before we made our move over to Destin, Fl for their Wedding this coming April – which holy moly is right around the corner!!! We had originally hoped that they could come over to the Emerald Coast, which if I may brag for a millisecond is pretty darn beautiful, for their engagement session and take advantage of my new home and all the picture perfect areas! Let’s just say, the rain was determined to NEVER let us have a session. After multiple reschedules, including hair, makeup, hotels….booking and cancelling and rebooking we just decided to do it in Jax Beach, Fl. More precisely speaking Atlantic Beach, which the three of us all agree is our favorite area in all of Jacksonville.

Since we were planning on signing and discussing the contract after the engagement session, I didn’t know much about their wedding other than it was to be held on the beach in April – this is key, we will come back to this…

I have spent a great portion of my childhood hanging around Jax Beach because my dear old dad actually lives right down the street in Ponte Vedra. Although I have all the knowledge of where Rita’s Italian Ice, Five Guy’s Burgers, Taco Lou and Lemon Bar are, I wasn’t quite so sure where we should head out for our session. Insert perfect opportunity to go location scouting – oh I love location scouting! So there I went while Alli was at her hair and makeup appointment, I searched for sweet little spots amongst the Sunday beach-crusing, beer-chugging, smile-bearing crowds.

Once they met up with me I quickly told them we would start at this quaint little jewelry store and then make our way down to this beach street I had stumbled upon with a gorgeous ivy staircase!…..and this is when I realized I was meant to be their photographer. Out of all the streets in the area to choose from, I managed to pick the exact one where their wedding was to be held! That folks is either some serious irony or destiny, you choose but I’m gonna stick with the latter.:)

We had a wonderful session and even made it out to the preserve for sunset! Sweet little Zoey joined us for a few snaps and we ended our night with bar food and beer! I absolutely can’t wait to capture their special day in April, I just know they will be a wonderful couple to work with and I am so thankful that they are willing to share such an important moment with me!

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